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From: DougRHess at aol.com

One problem with the leader/organizer discussion, is that one 
person's talented and dedicated leader (or secondary leader) is 
another's volunteer organizer. In anycase...When it comes to 
members being paid organizers, there is also the issue of 
leadership within the organizing staff. Residents of a community, 
geographically defined or not, have a particular problem is being 
their community's main/lead organizers: self interest. Not self 
interest as in "we want better schools for our kids" but self interest 
as in "I want ..."  I'm sure many of us have seen this turn into 
political careerism, etc. Of course, that problem isn't limited to 
local-residents-cum-staff. But I've seen some version of this occur 
in gay/lesbian organizing and n'hood organizing. I guess there is  
finally something positive to be said for turnover in staffing!

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