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From: "Deb Marois" <deb at connectccp.org>

One example you might investigate is California's statewide school 
readiness campaign.
The effort is funded by tobacco tax revenues. There is a statewide 
commission that spearheads various strategies related to school 
readiness, though each county implements these differently. Some 
areas have made a great effort to engage parents, faith 
communities, home-based child care, businesses and other sectors 
in the planning and implementation of school readiness programs. 
Many communities are forging new links between child care 
providers, preschools and kindergardens in order to ensure kids 
enter school ready to learn.

The CA State Commission (now called First 5 California) website is 
UCLA's Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities 
provides technical assistance on school readiness with many 
resources on the website at 

The organization I work with, Center for Collaborative Planning, 
produced a guidebook for folks trying to collaboratively plan school 
readiness efforts with the community. The guidebook is on the 
UCLA website referenced above at 

Hope this is helpful.

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> From: "Nilofer Ahsan" <Nilofer.Ahsan at cssp.org>
> I was wondering if anyone knows of good models where folks are 
> using community organizing in an effort to build parent activism 
> around school readiness issues?  
> Nilofer
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