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Wed Sep 17 21:17:25 CDT 2003

[ed:  Nilofer clarifies the original query.]

From: "Nilofer Ahsan" <Nilofer.Ahsan at cssp.org>

I feel the need to clarify.  My question was not about school 
organizing but about parent organizing around school readiness 
issues.  Because the early care and education field doesn't have a 
strong infrastructure--as school-age education does--and because 
pre-school or school-readiness is not considered a right--as school 
age education is--it is my assumption that it is a harder area to 
organize around.  I'm looking for examples of folks that have 
organized community-wide (or perhaps even state-wide) school-
readiness campaigns.  What organizational infrastructure did they 
use (schools, child care programs, religious organizations)?  How 
was the campaign structured?  What gains were made?  


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