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From: "David Chavis" <dchavis at capablecommunity.com>

I don't know about the literature, but it has been one of the biggest
mistakes organizations and foundations make. It's a good way to undermine an
organizing effort, take away a leader and make an ineffective organizer. I
have never seen anyone successfully make the transition within their
community. I have seen this mistake made many times, because a lot of well
intended foundations and community based organizations don't know enough to
know the differences and consequences.



From: "Brad Fields" <bradfields at comcast.net>

Why not look at the question the other way around?  That is, community 
organizing is the only arena of organizing (or social movement building) 
that I know of that makes the distinction between organizers and 
leaders.  Look at labor organizing, feminist organizing, civil rights 
organizing, etc., etc.
Brad Fields

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> From: John David Krinsky <jdk21 at columbia.edu>
> I was hoping to ask the list whether anyone knew of any articles,
> training materials, etc.--in short, anything in writing--about leaders
> in IAF-style organizations being turned into organizers and the
> problems, tensions, purpose, and rewards of brining leading
> members on staff.  The question could be broadened to ACORN
> and other groups using that distinction, or to groups who don't but
> who draw staff from membership.
> Thanks.
> John Krinsky
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