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[ed:  thanks to John and Howell for replies to Nilofer's query.]

From: "John Gaudette" <jgaudette at nwnf.org>

I've been involved in school-based organizing over  the last several years, 
and the best work I have seen has been in Oakland.  OCO (PICO network) has 
been able to catch the imagination of the city, the school district, 
parents, teachers, and businesses.  They have been able to transform the 
school system at the district level and at the local level.  More 
importantly, they have buy-in at all levels, so they have been able to move 
beyond confrantation into power relationships.  I would suggest contacted 
Ron Snyder, OCO director, and tap into his experience. 

John Gaudette
former organizer


From: Howell Baum <hb36 at umail.umd.edu>

For those interested in school organizing, I would like to call
attention to my recent book Community Action for School Reform,
published by SUNY Press.  The book presents a community approach to
school reform and tells the story of the Southeast Education Task Force,
a Baltimore community organization that has organized parents and other
community members to improve a group of neighborhood schools.  The book
describes a university partnership with a community organization and the
community organization's efforts to develop partnerships with the school
system and various community organizations.  The book presents the
challenges of organizing, building partnerships, planning, and
developing programs and using these approaches to try to improve
schools.  The book offers a general theory of community action in the
area of school reform.

Howell Baum

Howell S. Baum
Urban Studies and Planning Program
University of Maryland
1229 Architecture Building
College Park, MD 20742
phone: (301) 405-6792
fax: (301) 314-9583
email: hb36 at umail.umd.edu
> From: "Nilofer Ahsan" <Nilofer.Ahsan at cssp.org>
> I was wondering if anyone knows of good models where folks are
> using community organizing in an effort to build parent activism
> around school readiness issues?
> Nilofer
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> some things).  In addition one of the 2003 offerings on the COMM-
> ORG Papers page by  Eva Gold and Elaine Simon may be of help.]
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