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From: JAnyon at aol.com

For info on parent and other organizing for education, please also 
write to Research for Action in Philadelphia; they have published 
booklets on groups organizing around education in about 5 cities in 
the U.S. It's a fabulous resource. Write to them at: 
egold at researchforaction.org. Also get research on groups around 
the country doing parent organizing from Norm Fruchter's group at 
New York University. Write to them at: km9 at nyu.edu............Jean 
Anyon (Graduate Center, City University of New York).  

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> From: "Nilofer Ahsan" <Nilofer.Ahsan at cssp.org>
> I was wondering if anyone knows of good models where folks are 
> using community organizing in an effort to build parent activism 
> around school readiness issues?  
> Nilofer
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> [ed:  this topic comes up occasionally on COMM-ORG.  Doing a 
> search on the web site (from the "site tools" submenu will turn up 
> some things).  In addition one of the 2003 offerings on the COMM-
> ORG Papers page by  Eva Gold and Elaine Simon may be of help.]
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