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From: "Jessica Pitt" <jessicap at urbanstrategies.org>

We'd like your help in identifying useful community assessment 
and evaluation tools and training materials. The Center for 
Community Builders, a practitioner-led community building support 
organization, is in the process of developing community-friendly 
assessment and evaluation training materials for community 
residents, organizers, and the staff of community-based 
organizations. We are trying to identify the best resources currently 
available so that we can build upon them to create effective 
training materials. Please send us references for:  

*        Assessment and Evaluation Training Programs (training 
manuals, websites, courses, curricula, etc.)  

*        Assessment and Evaluation Tools (templates, guides, 
protocols, etc.)  

*        Other Assessment and Evaluation Resources (articles, 
organizations, experts, etc.)  

Please send your recommendations to:  

Mara Guccione, Urban Strategies Council

marag at urbanstrategies.org 
<mailto:jessicap at urbanstrategies.org>=20

For more information about this project, visit our website:

Thanks for your help.

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