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The Institute for Community Research is sponsoring "Crossroads: 
Critical Issues in Community-Based Research Partnerships", a 
national conference focusing on issues related to community-based 
research partnerships, methodology, and use of research results.  

WHEN:   June 10-12, 2004 WHERE:  Hartford, CT  

Conference Overview:  

Over the past decade, researchers, funders and community 
representatives have recognized that much social science, health 
and community development research takes place in community 
settings, requiring good community relationships if it is to be 
successful. Much, if not most, of this community-based research 
takes place in communities with limited social, political and 
economic resources, struggling with poverty, chronic and acute 
health problems, and cultural disenfranchisement. Many social 
scientists, cultural researchers and research funders attempt to 
conceptualize and address these inequities through research that 
aims at solving these problems. At the same time, communities are 
working to achieve similar goals through various forms of collective 
organizing and action.  It is widely recognized that even for 
politically motivated researchers, these two (or more) agendas may 
be quite different.  Resolving them while retaining a commitment to 
methodologically acceptable and socially responsible research is 
the foremost challenge for community-based research and 
researchers. Partnerships between communities and researchers 
are a critical component of any meaningful effort to develop 
synergistic research and social change agendas.  

"Crossroads: Critical Issues in Community-Based Research 
Partnerships" will critically analyze the factors that contribute to 
effective and ineffective research partnerships; the balance 
between research rigor and community action; the challenges and 
difficulties of ensuring effective dissemination, translation and use 
of research results; and ethical issues related to conducting 
community based research in partnership.  

Help us move the field of community-based research forward 
through dialogue, experiential learning, performances, exhibits, 
networking and presentations. Workshop topics include:  

- Balancing research rigor with community needs
- The use of research results to achieve social change
- How class, ethnicity, race, gender, culture and power impact 
research partnerships
- Engaging artists and the use of art in community-based research

Visit our website, for updates, 
registration information, agenda and related events, or contact 860-
278-2044 for more information.

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