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[ed:  thanks to Kathy, Nacho, and Richard for replies to Nilofer's 
query. And apoplogies to Kate for not remembering the very 
interesting story of working with the IAF in her co-authored 2002 
COMM-ORG paper, and to Mark, for not mentioning Dry Bones 
Rattling, one of my favorite books.]

From: "Staudt, Kathleen" <kstaudt at utep.edu>

The Texas Industrial Areas Foundation is VERY active in its 
Alliance Schools Program. Local faith-based, Alinsky-type 
organizations leaders and organizers can point to concrete 
accomplishments in Dallas/Ft Worth, San Antonio, South Texas, 
Houston, Austin and El Paso with organizations like the El Paso 
Interreligious Sponsoring Organization (EPISO).  Parents and 
parent leaders engage with school leaders and teachers over 
preparing students in pathways to college.  Check several books: 
The Comm-Org web site also posted a paper on El Paso in which 
we deal with this topic, bringing in a university partner as active in 

Kathleen Staudt, PhD
Director, Center for Civic Engagement
Professor of Political Science 
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, TX  79968
FAX 915-747-5400 


From: Nacho Gonzalez <nacho at uic.edu>


Yes, the Tepochcalli Community Education Project (TCEP) in 
Chicago is using popular education as a way of involving parents in 
the school and the community. They do not have a web site that I 
know of but can get you touch with one of their organizers. They 
are mostly Spanish speaking but some of the staff are bi-lingual.  

Nacho at uic.edu


From: rlwood <rlwood at unm.edu>

Places to look:

Texas Industrial Area Foundation's "Alliance Schools" projects in 
cities throughout the state -- see Mark Warren's _Dry Bones 
Rattling_ (Princeton 2001) Pacific Institute for Community 
Organization's parent-teacher organizing efforts throughout 
California -- a bit in my book _Faith in Action_ (Chicago 2002) and 
more in recent work by Archon Fung and others. RLW  

> [ed:  please feel welcomed to copy COMM-ORG with responses to  
> Nilofer's query.  A bit from me below.]
> From: "Nilofer Ahsan" <Nilofer.Ahsan at cssp.org>
> I was wondering if anyone knows of good models where folks are 
> using community organizing in an effort to build parent activism 
> around school readiness issues?  
> Nilofer
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> [ed:  this topic comes up occasionally on COMM-ORG.  Doing a 
> search on the web site (from the "site tools" submenu will turn up 
> some things).  In addition one of the 2003 offerings on the COMM-
> ORG Papers page by  Eva Gold and Elaine Simon may be of help.]
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