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[ed:  I wasn't going to post responses to this query, since I thought 
it was too far from organizing.  But then I saw Gordon's post and 
thought, maybe not.  So if you have more organizing related 
thoughts on TVs and readings, please copy COMM-ORG.  Posts 
from Gordon and Jim are included here.]

From: "Gordon Mayer" <gorkay at core.com>

Hi Shoshana,

My friends Jean Lotus and Dave Burke wrote a book called Get a 
Life: The Little Red Book of the White Dot. It was published in UK, 
where Dave lives (Blomsbury, 1998). There's one copy at Amazon, 
who posted this synopsis:  

The authors of this book argue that television has always 
exemplified what is cheap and dehumanizing about modern life. 
Founders of the White Dot organization in the UK and USA, they 
claim that people spend too much time staring at the TV which is 
simply just another piece of furniture. This book is designed as a 
self-help guide to switching off the television and "getting a life".  

Jean, a mom of four kids, got off on the TV-free lifestyle and 
started a magazine called the White Dot for TV-free living. The 
Web site is funny and nasty about TV in a way I think if I was 12 I 
would find funny. It's www.whitedot.org (there's also an advocacy 
piece on the Web site).  


Gordon Mayer


From: "Jim Powell (Northside Planning Council)" 
<npc at msn.fullfeed.com>

"Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television" by Jerry Mander 
argues persuasively about its subject. But it is not an "equivalent." 
It's a reflective and quiet book. However, if your impressive 
teenager can read "Fast Food Nation" and be changed by it, then 
perhaps this book may be of value.  

I found that you can combat the "evils" and "addiction" of TV by 
simply not having one. You'd be amazed at how much more 
satisfying your personal and family life becomes.  

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> From: Shoshana.Bricklin at phila.gov
> Does anyone know of an equivalent book to  "Fast Food Nation" 
> about the dangers of TV?  After my then 12 year old son (he's now 
> 13) read this book he has never eaten anything from a fast food 
> place!  Unfortunately he is a real screen addict,  So maybe an 
> outside (i.e. non parental) voice would be persuasive. I thought that 
> participants of this list might have some ideas.  
> Thanks for any suggestions.
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