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Mon Sep 8 20:28:37 CDT 2003

[ed:  Rob adds to the distinguishing faith-based community 
organizing from the Bush faith-based social service model.]

From: Rob Kleidman <r.kleidman at>

Rich Wood is right. There's no real connection between faith- 
based organizing and Bush's faith-based initiatives, except the 
obvious ones of terminology and some connection to organized 
religion. But to avoid confusion between the two, I've started calling 
the former "congregation-based organizing." As Rich and others 
have written, there are also other terms in use, such as IAF's 
preferred "broad-based organizing". 

Rob Kleidman

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> [ed:  Richard emphasizes the difference faith-based community 
> organizing and the Bush faith-based social service approach.]
> From: Richard L Wood <rlwood at>
> I've not read the critique yet, but just in response to Randy's 
> editorial note below: Yes, let's think about possible implications for 
> faith-based community organizing, but also recognize just how 
> sharply different the Bush faith-based initiative and the model of 
> faith-based community organizing are -- really different universes.  
> But I do look forward to reading the critique, when I swim out from
> start-of-semester craziness. Rich Wood, Univ of New Mexico
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> > [ed:  I welcome discussion on the report cited below, as well as the 
> > broader issues raised by it.  While the report does not focus 
> > specifically on faith-based organizing (the focus is social services), 
> > there may be some implications for community organizing.]
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> > From: Michael Givel <mgivel at>
> > 
> > The Texas Freedom Network has issued a report on the five year 
> > track record of Faith Based Initiatives in Texas.  Before jumping 
> > into this form of community organizing, if you have not looked at 
> > this, you might want to read about and consider the possible pitfalls 
> > associated with mixing government funding with religion.
> > 
> > Michael Givel
> > 
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