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[ed:  thanks to Hillary for replying to Ephrem's query.]

From: "Hillary R. Aisenstein" <hillarya at pobox.upenn.edu>

there was also something recently about inter-connections between 
and among CDCs and how that relates to community impact...here 
it is...  

J.  Civic Infrastructure and the Financing of Community 

[posted from LISC e-newsletter]

Civic Infrastructure and the Financing of Community Development, 
a new Brookings Institution study written by William Bogart, 
examines the link between community development organizations 
and the vitality of community development itself. Using case 
studies from three major cities, the paper indicates that those with 
the strongest and most diverse network of nonprofit community 
development organizations realize greater private sector 
participation. The result is fewer subsidies per project, leading to 
more community development activity. To download this paper, 
visit the Brookings Institution website:  


> From:     Ephrem Tadesse <ephrem_t at yahoo.com>
> I am currently researching on social capital, local institutions and 
> community development. I am looking for an article or paper that 
> deals with community development concepts and theories. I would 
> be glad if you indicate or send one. I will forward my research work 
> in India to your address once I am done. Best, Ephrem  
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> [ed:  I have a draft of a paper at 
> http://comm-org.utoledo.edu/drafts/socialcapital.htm .  Also see a 
> paper by COMM-ORGer James DeFillippis DeFilippis, “The Myth 
> of Social Capital in Community Development.” Housing Policy 
> Debate, 2001, 12.4: 781-806.]
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