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From: Richard Layman <rlaymandc at yahoo.com>

_The Living City_ by Roberta Gratz specifically talks about Jane
Jacobs' organizing against the destruction of Soho in NYC in return
for a highway, as well as the anti-freeway forces in New Orleans,
which was tied into historic preservation in the French Quarter. 
latter group used some great PR strategies in their successful

_Changing Places_, co-authored by Richard Moe of the National 
for Historic Preservation has many examples of organizing around
preservation-based urban revitalization.

Washington History journal (Historical Society of Washington) had 
good article within the last couple years about anti-highway 
and the "Emergency Committee on the Transportation Crisis" -- DC 
is a
rare U.S. city in that it wasn't destroyed by highways. The ECTC is
why that is so. There was also an article about this in the
Washington Post magazine within the last two years or so.

For another perspective, I would consider _The Future Once 
Here_ [Fred Siegel, 1997, Free Press].

Richard Layman
Washington, DC

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From: Jack Breihan <breihan at loyola.edu>

I would suggest

_Behind the Backlash: White Working-Class Politics in Baltimore, 
by Kenneth D. Durr  [2003, the University of North Carolina Press].

which has just been published

Jack Breihan
Loyola College, Baltimore

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From: Carolyn Kolb <cgkolb at uno.edu>

A useful book for you would be _The Second Battle of New 
Orleans: A
History of the Vieux Carre Riverfront-Expressway Controversy_.
[Richard O. Baumbach, Jr. and William E. Borah, 1981, Univ. 
Press, 0-8173-4841-7] on the controversy and successful stoppage 
construction of a riverfront expressway in New Orleans  (right at the
French Quarter, no less!)

Carolyn Kolb
University of New Orleans

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From: Zachary M. Schrag <zms at schrag.info>

On American freeways and freeway revolts, see

Bauman, John F. "Expressways, Public Housing and Renewal: A 
for Postwar Philadelphia, 1945-1960." Pennsylvania History 57
(January 1990): 44-65.

Casey, James J., Jr. _The Politics of Congestion: The Continuing
Legacy of the Milwaukee Freeway Revolt._ Essays in Public Works
History #20. Kansas City: Public Works Historical Society, 2000.

Issel, William. "'Land Values, Human Values, and the Preservation 
the City's Treasured Appearance': Environmentalism, Politics, and 
San Francisco Freeway Revolt." Pacific Historical Review 1999 

Lewis, Tom. _Divided Highways: Building the Interstate Highways,
Transforming American Life._ New York: Viking, 1997.

Luebke, Paul. "Activists and Asphalt: A Successful Anti-
Movement in a 'New South City.'" Human Organization 40 (1981):
256-63. [on Durham, NC]

McCarthy, Michael P. "Baltimore's Highway Wars 
Historical Magazine 93 (Summer 1998): 136-157.

Metraux, Stephen. "Waiting for the Wrecking Ball: Skid Row in
Postindustrial Philadelphia." Journal of Urban History 25 (July
1999): 690-715.

Mohl, Raymond A. "Race and Space in the Modern City: Interstate-
and the Black Community in Miami," in Arnold R. Hirsch and 
Raymond A.
Mohl, eds., _Urban Policy in Twentieth-Century America_ (New
Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1993): 100-158.

Mohl, Raymond A. "Urban Expressways and the Racial 
Restructuring of
Postwar American Cities." Jahrbuch für Wirtschaftsgeschichte
(2001/2): 89-104.

Schrag, Zachary M. "The Washington Metro as Vision and Vehicle,
1955-2001." Ph.D. diss., Columbia University, 2002

Taylor, Brian D. "Public Perceptions, Fiscal Realities, and Freeway
Planning: The California Case." Journal of the American Planning
Association 61 (Winter 1995): 43-56.

White, Leland J. "Dividing Highway: Citizen Activism and Interstate
66 in Arlington, Virginia." Washington History 13 (Spring/Summer
2001): 52-67.

Richard Layman's earlier posting referred to Bob Levey and Jane
Freundel Levey, "Lost Highways," Washington Post Magazine, 
26, 2000; and Faye P. Haskins, "The Art of D.C. Politics: 
Banners, and Bumper Stickers," Washington History 12 
2000-2001), 46-63.

I look forward to learning about events in Melbourne.
Zachary M. Schrag
Substitute Assistant Professor
Department of History
Baruch College, CUNY

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