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[ed:  Steve is replying to Heidi's May 19 query, reprinted below.]


This a late reply to an inquiry on May 19 by Ms. Swarts regarding 
case studies on "social movements, social movement 
organizations, and community organizing."

I'm not familiar with the most current studies, and I'm much more 
familiar with historical studies and documentary collections on 
American radicalism and contemporary radical theory, but I have a 
book published 10 years that appears to be relevant to your inquiry.

In fact, you might be familiar with it: vol. 41 of the the Urban Affairs 
Annual Review, it's edited by Robert Fisher & Joseph Kling, entitled 
'Mobilizing The Community: Local Politics in the Era of the Global 
City' published by Sage Publications in 1993, with 334pgs, 13+ 
articles. ISBN 0-8039-4248-6 (paper) or 0-8039-4247-8 (cloth).

Of course, there's a wealth of more historically-oriented materials. 
To take another older but useful example, there's 'The Origins of 
the Civil Rights Movement: Black Communities Organizing for 
Change' published in 1984 by Aldon Morris, a sociologist.

I suppose these sources are several years old because I tend to 
believe that the most relevant recent work regarding social 
movements and social change is being performed by contemporary 
social theorists who are rethinking the very notions of "society" and 
"community" (Hardt, Negri, Laclau & Mouffe, Butler, Nancy, 
Blanchot, Haver,  Agamben, Golding, et al).

Steve K.
Portland, Oregon

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> From: "Heidi Swarts" <HJSwarts at maxwell.syr.edu>
> Dear Comm-Org folks,
> I'm looking for case studies and simulations having to do with 
> social movements, social movement organizations, and community 
> organizing. I have found some on the CommOrg website, which is 
> great, but I'm looking for more. Does anyone know any sources?
> Many thanks,
> Heidi Swarts
> Syracuse University
> Political Science
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