organizing and social movements

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Sun Jun 22 18:41:54 CDT 2003

[ed:  Doug continues the discussion on community organizing and 
social movements.]

From: "Doug Hess" <DHess at>

On social movements and organizing, I think what's defined as a 
movement is very essential to making headway in the argument. 
What isn't a movement is hard to define, even though most people 
would agree on some things right away as movements. To me, 
movements generally come about from some agents' behavior that 
has some features of organizing and their work suddenly, perhaps 
beyond reasonable expectations, catches on due to social forces 
beyond the organizers' control. In otherwords, similar efforts before, 
and maybe after, a certain "zietgeist" may not produce the any 
"movement." For instance, is it fair to say there is a "living wage" 

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