query: social capital and community development

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Fri Jun 20 17:51:43 CDT 2003

[ed:  please feel welcomed to copy COMM-ORG with your 
responses to Ephrem's query.  A bit from me below.]

From:     Ephrem Tadesse <ephrem_t at yahoo.com>

I am currently researching on social capital, local institutions and 
community development. I am looking for an article or paper that 
deals with community development concepts and theories. I would 
be glad if you indicate or send one. I will forward my research work 
in India to your address once I am done. Best, Ephrem  


[ed:  I have a draft of a paper at 
http://comm-org.utoledo.edu/drafts/socialcapital.htm .  Also see a 
paper by COMM-ORGer James DeFillippis DeFilippis, “The Myth 
of Social Capital in Community Development.” Housing Policy 
Debate, 2001, 12.4: 781-806.]

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