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Thu Jun 12 07:38:52 CDT 2003

[ed:  feel welcomed to copy COMM-ORG with your responses to 
Michael's query.  A brief response from me below.]

From: Doc Byrd <darkhorsedoctor at yahoo.com>

Dear List Members:


I am currently working with a team on a grantseeking project in 
Nashville, TN.

To give you some background, our institution is partnering with a 
neighborhood association and other community and government 
partners to leverage grant dollars in support of outreach activities.  
These activities include:  crime prevention, community organizing 
and planning, and health care/disease prevention in a northwest 
Nashville neighborhood.
With the wealth of experience and knowledge on the COMM ORG 
listserv, I was wondering if any members had information, 
suggestions, or advice on possible grants or actions we might take 
to increase our chances as grantseekers?
Thanks for your help!  It would probably be most appropriate to 
respond to my personal e-mail:  darkhorsedoctor at yahoo.com
Michael Byrd
Nashville, TN

Michael Byrd, Ph.D.

"Our wills and fates do so contrary run
That our devices still are overthrown,
Our thoughts are ours; their ends
none of our own."
--William Shakespeare (Hamlet)--


[ed:  the Federal Weed and Seed program will fund this type of 
work.  The program does expect involvement of the local Police 
but it does not require control by them so it is possible for 
community organizations to apply for these funds.]

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