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Tue Jun 10 15:36:20 CDT 2003

[ed:  this job post includes salary info.]

Dear Friends:

I'm really excited to share with you a job notice for a new position 
at United for a Fair Economy in Boston, Massachusetts. The notice 
is printed below. I would appreciate it if you would spread the word 
among your colleagues and encourage excellent candidates to 
apply. (Sorry for cross-posting!)  

Leslie Belay
43 Peter Parley Road
Jamaica Plain, MA  02130
leslie.belay at

Racial Wealth Gap Education Project Coordinator
 for a Dynamic Economic Justice Organization!

United for a Fair Economy (UFE) is starting an educational project 
that will address the growing wealth gap between whites and 
peoples of color in the United States. Our workshops will address 
the historic roots and continuing causes of the racial wealth gap, 
and point the way to government sponsored policy initiatives that 
will enable peoples of color to build wealth as individuals, families, 
and communities. The Racial Wealth Gap Education Project 
provides an opportunity for a seasoned organizer/educator to 
bolster the work of community organizations working on economic 
justice issues through participatory workshops and media work.  

UFE is producing a book entitled The Color of Wealth that will 
provide the basis for the workshops. Our overall mission is to raise 
awareness that concentrated wealth and power undermine the 
economy, corrupt democracy, deepen the racial divide, and tear 
communities apart. We support and help build social movements 
for greater equality throughout the country. UFE is a national non-
profit organization based in Boston, MA.  

Responsibilities Include:  

a.. Develop a racial wealth gap workshop and a trainers' guide; 
coordinate other UFE staff in developing modules for different 
racial groups. b.. Identify and conduct outreach to organizations 
across the country who are interested in an economic and policy 
approach to racial inequality. a.. Work with the Education Team to 
conduct workshops in different parts of the country and to organize 
Training(s) of Trainers. b.. Work with the Communications Team to 
publicize the roots of the racial wealth gap in government 
action/inaction and possible policy solutions in the mass media, 
and to help local grassroots organizations develop media strategies 
and spokespeople. c.. Works closely with and under the 
supervision of the Executive Director in the Racial Wealth Gap 

Qualifications and Required Skills:  

a.. First hand knowledge and experience working in communities of 
color and substantial experience working in cross racial or cross 
ethnic contexts. b.. 5 years experience in community organizing, 
popular education and/or community economic development. c.. 
Enthusiasm for outreach, organizing, and the use of popular 
education as an organizing tool. d.. Understanding of the role of 
government policy in creating and addressing economic and racial 
inequality. e.. Excellent verbal communication skills and good 
writing skills. f.. Good interpersonal skills and able to work 
cooperatively. g.. Valid driver's license and willingness to travel. h.. 
Strong commitment to building a multicultural organization.  

Helpful Skills/Attributes:  

a.. Background in community economic development b.. 
Knowledgeable about "the lay of the land" as it relates to activism 
in communities of color and within national activist organizations. 
c.. Bi and/or multi-lingual ability. d.. Supervisory or management 
experience e.. Experience with MS Word, PowerPoint, FileMaker 
Pro a plus.  

Compensation: $36,000 - $42,000, depending on experience. Full 
health insurance, T-pass, 4 weeks vacation.  

People of color urged to apply.

For more information about United for a Fair Economy, go to Email cover letter, resume, and questions to
leslie.belay at or write to: Leslie Belay, Search 
Consultant, 43
Peter Parley Road, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, ATTN: UFE 

Application deadline is July 12, 2003.

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