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On June 2, the National Training and Information Center released a 
new report called "Short Term Pay, Long Term Struggles:  WIA 
and the Contingent Workforce."  To get a copy of the report, please 
go to (Scroll down to Jobs) 
The report examines how the growing temporary and day labor 
industry provides little in terms of creating stable long-term 
employment opportunities for workers.  The report also highlights 
how the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a road map out of 
these abusive environments.   The report presents 
recommendations that strengthens and reforms WIA in ways that 
will provide innovative solutions to increase workers wages and 
their spending potential.  The report also documents how many 
workers enter the WIA system to find the pathway out of poverty 
towards livable wage jobs, but discover that the national policy is 
not implemented properly in cities across the country.   

For more information, please call:

Tracy Van Slyke

Communications Director, National Training and Information 


tracy at

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