New COMM-ORG paper: Civic Disengagement in the Czech Republic

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Sun Jun 1 18:50:08 CDT 2003


I am very pleased to announce the availability of a new COMM-
ORG paper by Daniel Padolsky:

     Civic Disengagement in the Czech Republic: How to Engage the Disengaged

Daniel's paper provides a very interesting case to look at the 
problems of civic participation and strategies to overcome it.  
Interestingly, even though the history of the Czech Republic is so 
different from especially the U.S., some of the issues sound eerily 

You can find the paper at the COMM-ORG "Papers" page, in the 
2003 papers section:

I hope that the paper inspires some discussion.  Authors contribute 
papers to COMM-ORG in the hopes of getting comments, so 
please feel welcomed to contact the authors directly or discuss 
their paper through the list.  

Thanks so much to Daniel for contributing his work.  

Randy Stoecker
moderator/editor, COMM-ORG
randy at

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