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Tue Jul 29 10:36:36 CDT 2003

From: "Patti McAlpine" <pmcalpine at>

Funding Available for Community Based Research and Social 
Action Projects

The Sociological Initiatives Foundation provides grants of $5,000 to 
$15,000 to support community-based research and social action 
projects.  Areas of interest include but are not limited to social 
justice, social welfare, human rights, literacy, language learning 
and use, dialect use and curricular issues in teaching second 
languages and non-native languages. The Foundation is also 
interested in supporting research by sociologists and linguists that 
provide a direct benefit to communities.  

Complete guidelines for the September 2003 application deadline 
are available at

For more information, contact Prentice Zinn at 
pzinn at or 617-426-7080.

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