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responses to Debbie's query.  Some thoughts from me below.]

From: "Debbie Phillips" <debbiep at frognet.net>

Hello CO list members,

A number of neighborhood associations in Athens are discussing 
the possibility of joining together to work on some city-wide issues. 
One of the areas that folks are interested in is the possibility of 
forming a CDC to work on reclaiming some housing. Athens is 
about 70% rentals, mostly to students, and some of the 
neighborhoods that are currently 50-50 want to work to keep those 
neighborhoods liveable for families. I know that people on this list 
have a range of experiences with these kinds of issues, so I told 
the group that I would ask people here to share thoughts and ideas.  

What models exist for neighborhood associations working together 
in this way? What experiences can people share so that we don't 
have to re-create the wheel? Thank you!  

Debbie Phillips
Ohio Fair Schools Campaign
94 Columbus Road
Athens Ohio 45701
740.593.5451 (fax)
mailto:debbiep at frognet.net


[ed:  this is a tough one.  There has been a historical antagonism 
between CDCs and neighborhood associations.  CDCs have often 
been more representative of renter interests (though not usually 
students) and neighborhood associations have often been more 
representative of homeowners.  Getting the two to work together 
can often be challenging.  If the homeowners are trying to prevent 
their neighborhoods from being taken over by students, there may 
be other strategies, such as passing an ordinance limiting the 
number of unrelated adults that can live in a house.  Toledo passed 
such an ordinance that has recently been upheld at the state 
appeals court level.  If the issue is to form a brand new CDC that 
will represent homeowner interests, Portland OR may be the place 
to look, as the CDCs there have historically been more involved in 
redeveloping homeowner housing compared to other cities. ]

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