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- Issue 194, May-June
2003 For more information, please go to www.disclosure-us.org

 National People's Action Conference 2003

1. NPA calls "Operation Neighborhoods First" a success
>From the moment the Psalms Ministries Chorale of Washington, DC broke
>into the song In The Sanctuary, 1,000 grassroots leaders from across the
>country rose to their feet in a wave of swaying heads and clapping hands.
2. NPA buses roll up on HUD Secretary Mel Martinez and win meeting the
following day On Sunday, June 1, Secretary of Housing and Urban
Development Mel Martinez learned that with NPA, there is nowhere to run
and nowhere to hide.  One thousand NPA leaders cornered Martinez in his
backyard after he refused countless meeting invitations over the past two
years. http://www.disclosure-us.org/disc-june2003/martinez.html 3. NPA
announces landmark lending agreement with CitiFinancial Two years ago
National People's Action focused its attention on Citigroup, the largest
financial institution in the world. It had purchased The Associates, the
worst predatory lender in the country. To change the way this company did
business would mean setting an industry standard of lending practices. On
Sunday, June 1, top officials from Citigroup came out to the NPA's Plenary
and signed a landmark agreement to stop predatory lending, fix the bad
loans they've made in NPA communities and stop foreclosures.
http://www.disclosure-us.org/disc-june2003/citifinanicalagreement.html 4.
NPA debunks myth "any job is a good job"  
 Randy Smith from the San Lucas Workers Center in Chicago opened the jobs
 workshop at the 32nd annual National People's Action Conference, by
 asking "How many of you here are tired of working too long for too little
 money with no benefits?"The question accurately describes the wars that
 NPA leaders have waged to ensure jobs and job training programs in their
 areas lead to permanent and full-time work.
5. NPA - "hardest hitting" immigrants' rights team
Everyone who has experienced an NPA conference knows that feeling of
excitement at being a part of a procession of buses on its way to
confronting power head on. It's like a steady moving steamroller coming
your way. It is only natural to wonder how a target's day and, often, life
will be changed when NPA comes by to let them know it's time to feel the
power of NPA.
http://www.disclosure-us.org/disc-june2003/immigrantsrights.html 6. NPA
continues to harpoon the sharks Loan shark mortgage companies turn
homeowners into the homeless. They drain every cent of value from homes by
charging high interest rates and tacking on high-cost fees. After intense
research, education and organizing National People's Action member
organizations have worked hard to win anti-predatory lending city
legislation and state regulations.
http://www.disclosure-us.org/disc-june2003/harpoonsharks.html 7. NPA
creates Department of Homeowner Security- puts housing crisis at red alert
At this year's NPA conference, community leaders unveiled NPA's Department
of Homeowner Security to hundreds of community leaders that are working to
end the housing crisis in their neighborhoods. By the end of the workshop,
all agreed the threat level is code red.
http://www.disclosure-us.org/disc-june2003/homeownersecurity.html 8. NPA
education leaders "Build Up Schools" Education leaders with National
People's Action are pushing the campaign to "Build Up Schools" (BUS). At
an NPA education workshop 100 community leaders addressed issues new and
old in the struggle for quality education in their communities.
http://www.disclosure-us.org/disc-june2003/buildupschools.html 9. NPA
youth successful in bringing new perspective to national agenda NPA youth
are on their way to becoming the nation's premiere force for youth-led
change. This year's 32nd Annual National People's Action Conference
provided the youth the opportunity to build on this growing reputation.
http://www.disclosure-us.org/disc-june2003/newagendaforyouth.html 10. NPA
rural and urban leaders confront corporate takeover of factory farms On
June 1, rural and urban leaders joined forces to fight corporate power at
the 2003 National People's Action Conference. In the morning, hundreds
gathered for the "Rural and Urban Unite to Take on Corporate Power,"
workshop where urban and rural grassroots leaders shared effective
strategies used to battle big banks, communication companies, and
corporate-backed factory farms.
http://www.disclosure-us.org/disc-june2003/ruralandurban.html 11. NPA
creates national "standards of good policing" The "Standards of Good
Policing" campaign was kicked off at the 32nd annual National People's
Action Conference. Ten local organizations currently involved in local
campaigns shared their victory stories of strengthening their
neighborhoods through the development of better police and community

Before and After NPA

12. ESOP hits Fairbanks - sets in motion national agreement to stop
predatory practices For more information on this story, please go to

13. Ecuadorian consulate office to open in Minnesota
For more information on this story, please go to

Local Victory Stories

14. Iowa CCI continues trend of reforming predatory lenders: Ameriquest
knocked off the list For more information on this story, please go to

15. Albany Park school leaders win new school
For more information on this story, please go to

16. POWER convenes education conference in face of California budget
crunch For more information on this story, please go to

17. PCRG convenes citywide vacant property conference in Pittsburgh
For more information on this story, please go to

18. City of Buffalo adopts citizen participation plan written by
low-income residents For more information on this story, please go to

19. Sunflower launches chapter in Newton, KS and attacks slumlord
management company For more information on this story, please go to

20.  SUN creates a street team for daytime actions
For more information on this story, please go to

21. A-DP forces crackdown on Labor Ready - largest day labor agency in the
country For more information on this story, please go to

22. 1 year anniversary of Chicago day labor ordinance, San Lucas says
"agencies not complying" For more information on this story, please go to

Strategy from the Streets - By Laura Dungan, executive director, Sunflower
Community Action The Next Move - By Brenda LaBlanc, National People's
Action, Co-Chairperson Dynamics of Organizing - By Joe Mariano, executive
director, National Training and Information Center For more information,
go to http://www.disclosure-us.org

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