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Wed Jul 16 20:30:01 CDT 2003

[ed:  here is a resource for those of you interested in the practice of 
community-based research.]

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Dear Friends,

On July 16, 2003, the Institute for Community Research (ICR) will 
launch ICR-Abstracts, an on-line list that will make available to its 
subscribers the latest bibliographic and abstract information 
available on publications related to the emerging field of 
community-based research  

ICR is an independent community-based organization in Hartford, 
CT (USA) committed to using the tools of community-based 

 in collaboration with community partners 

 to create social change in Hartford and beyond.  

Approximately every three weeks, ICR will post abstract and 
bibliographic information on community-based research to list 
members, creating an electronic bibliography and resource for 
information related to community-based worldwide. Practitioners 
from community organizations, universities, public and private 
funding agencies, decision makers at the local and national levels, 
and other national organizations are encouraged to subscribe.  

As community-based research is multi-disciplinary, so is the list. 
We encourage subscribers from all fields engaged in community-
based research!  

To subscribe, send an email to: icr-abstracts-
subscribe at leaving the subject line blank, or go to ICRs 
website ( and subscribe from there.  

ICR-Abstracts is not a discussion list, but if you have publications 
that you would like us to post (either your own or others you know 
of), simply reply to the posting, and include the bibliographic and 
abstract information for the resource. Please include contact 
information so we can get in touch with you in case we have any 

Thank you!

The Institute for Community Research

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