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Dear friends,

We've been working for the past year on the design of a new MA course to
be offered here at IDS next year in Participation, Development and
Social Change.  It is quite an innovative course, designed for
practitioners and using action learning and participatory approaches.
Please help us spread the word by forwarding the following message to
your own friends, contacts and partners worldwide.  Note that the course
will start, rather unusually, in the month of May.

With many thanks,


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MA in Participation, Development & Social Change
15 Months (full time, including part time field-based learning)

The Participation Group at the Institute of Development Studies,
University of Sussex, UK, will offer a new Master's Programme in
Participation, Development and Social Change.  The first course will run
for fifteen months from May 2004 to July 2005, including a 9-month
period of field-based learning or action research.

This new programme aims to deepen knowledge, innovation and practice of
participatory approaches for engaging people in decision-making and
citizenship in diverse contexts.  Designed to help experienced
practitioners deepen their abilities for critical reflection and
analysis, the programme combines two periods of intensive coursework and
group learning in residence at IDS with a period of practical learning
and action research with an organisation engaged in participatory

Successful students will develop:
	*	An understanding of conceptual, theoretical and
methodological approaches to participation as applied to practical
challenges in development and governance
	*	Practical skills in participatory processes and action
research, including design, management, facilitation, communication,
networking, evaluation and teamwork
	*	Abilities of critical thinking, analysis and reflective
practice, and personal development of values and attitudes useful in
pursing participatory approaches

The programme is structured in three parts:
1.  Foundations of Participation (May-July, full time), a 10-week
intensive study in residence at IDS, to explore concepts and approaches
and to design an individual learning plan.
2.  Applications of Participation (August-April, part time), a 9-month
period of field-based action learning, focused on the practice and
critical assessment of participatory approaches.
2.  Critical Reflection and Analysis (May-July, full time), a final
10-week period in residence at IDS to write, reflect and synthesize
field experience, linking concepts and practice.

The assessment strategy emphasises students developing their own
capacities for reflection and self-evaluation, and for monitoring their
learning in relationship with a supervisor.

Applicants should have a relevant undergraduate degree or comparable
work experience. They should also have 3-5 years of work experience in
participatory approaches and programmes gained through work with diverse
institutional settings (e.g. community-based organisations, social
movements, NGOs, governments, and international aid agencies) and in
diverse areas of work (e.g. health, agriculture, resource management,
community development, human rights, advocacy, governance).  This can
include relevant work in Southern (developing) and/or Northern
(developed) countries.  

For further information, please visit the IDS website at:

Or contact:
Julia Brown, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex,
Brighton BN1 9RE, UK.  Email: J.L.Brown at  Tel: +44 (0) 1273
606261  Fax:  +44 (0) 1273 621202

Note: Applicants are expected to make their own arrangements for field
placement with a host organisation, prior to being accepted for the

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