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[ed:  thanks to Jerry for replying to Emily's query.]

From: "Jerry Hoffman" <jerryhoffman at earthlink.net>

See Public Education Network (www.publiceducation.org) for city-
based organizing, and the Rural School and Community Trust 
(www.ruraledu.org) for national networking for equity and access 

Jerry L. Hoffman
Just Development Co.
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> From: "Emily C. Dreyfus" <emily at justice4all.org>
> The JustChildren program is initiating a Virginia grassroots 
> organizing campaign on educational quality and equity issues.  I'm 
> collaborating with Joe Szakos, Director of the Virginia Organizing 
> Project, to establish a state-wide network of activists on education 
> reform issues. I've gotten in touch w/ some local groups who are 
> focussed on city-wide school reform, as well as finding information 
> about a few state-wide efforts.  I have a few questions that I 
> wondered if you could help with:
> * Is there a clearinghouse, or a national group that is coordinating 
> support and information-sharing among state-wide/regional/city-
> wide groups?  
> * Who has implemented effective grassroots leadership 
> development on educational issues?
> * What social change goals have been attempted/won at the state 
> level?
> * Which groups have built coalitions which included school and city 
> managers who wanted to hold the state accountable?
> Any other resources or ideas would be appreciated.  FYI, at our 
> website below there is a wealth of self-help information for parents 
> and service providers.  Our handbook, "Helping You Help Your 
> Child" is available in Word, if anyone wants to adapt it for your 
> community.
> -Emily Dreyfus
> Emily Dreyfus,
> JustChildren Community Education Coordinator
> Legal Aid Justice Center
> 1000 Preston Avenue
> Charlottesville, VA 22903
> (434) 977-0553
> (434) 977-0558 (fax)
> 1-800-578-8111 (toll-free for families)
> www.justice4all.org
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