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[ed:  thanks to Hillary for replying to Robin's query.]

From: "Hillary R. Aisenstein" <hillarya at pobox.upenn.edu>

We're in the midst of working with a group that is creating an on-
line networking tool called CommuiShare.  It's not set up 
specifically for CBPR, but individuals within the PHENND network 
(which at this point number over 3,000 faculty, staff, students, 
CBOs, etc) can post items in a "I want to 
share/discuss/recommend"... format.  It will be searchable and 
people can categorize themselves.  I anticipate that this might be 
useful for connecting faculty and organizations for all kinds of 
projects including Community Based Research.  


> From: "Robin Najar" <r.najar at cbpr.org>
> I am looking for a way to get a database up and running on the web 
> that would be used by individuals looking to network with others 
> and find resources for the practice of Community-Based 
> Participatory Research.  We are looking for methods that other 
> non-profits have used to create databases.  If anyone has any 
> directions they can point me in, it would be very much appreciated. 
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> [ed:  it is a shame that PARnet is no more, as they had a very nice 
> database.  I have also been part of a project over the past 5 years 
> developing this practice in a number of locations, and we are at the 
> point now that we will soon be starting a list serv for people 
> interesting in trading resources on CBPR and its related practices.  
> You can also find some collections of resources, though not 
> necessarily searchable databases, on the COMM-ORG "Action 
> Research" page at http://comm-org.utoledo.edu/research.htm ]
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