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From: "Emily C. Dreyfus" <emily at justice4all.org>

The JustChildren program is initiating a Virginia grassroots 
organizing campaign on educational quality and equity issues.  I'm 
collaborating with Joe Szakos, Director of the Virginia Organizing 
Project, to establish a state-wide network of activists on education 
reform issues. I've gotten in touch w/ some local groups who are 
focussed on city-wide school reform, as well as finding information 
about a few state-wide efforts.  I have a few questions that I 
wondered if you could help with:

* Is there a clearinghouse, or a national group that is coordinating 
support and information-sharing among state-wide/regional/city-
wide groups?  

* Who has implemented effective grassroots leadership 
development on educational issues?

* What social change goals have been attempted/won at the state 

* Which groups have built coalitions which included school and city 
managers who wanted to hold the state accountable?

Any other resources or ideas would be appreciated.  FYI, at our 
website below there is a wealth of self-help information for parents 
and service providers.  Our handbook, "Helping You Help Your 
Child" is available in Word, if anyone wants to adapt it for your 
-Emily Dreyfus

Emily Dreyfus,
JustChildren Community Education Coordinator
Legal Aid Justice Center
1000 Preston Avenue
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 977-0553
(434) 977-0558 (fax)
1-800-578-8111 (toll-free for families)

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