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Job Announcement

Connecticut Parent Power: Program Coordinator

Job Objective

To establish and maintain a permanent CT Parent Power 
infrastructure that provides ongoing community organizing support, 
training and strategic thinking with parents who want to be powerful 
children's advocates capable of local and state wins.  

The Program Coordinator will directly report to the Collaborative 
Director of Danbury Children First.  The work will be guided by the 
CT Parent Power Governance Council, that includes Parent 
Delegates from across Connecticut. The Program Coordinator also 
supports, and is supported by, the Staff Support Team, that 
includes staff of parent-driven, community-based, and state 
organizations working to improve life outcomes for all children.  

Essential Duties: -Building and sustaining relationships.  The 
Program Coordinator will function as the information link and 
support to the CT Parent Power Parent Delegates. This will include: 
-Communicate to Parent Delegates on a regular basis, and work to 
increase the number of communities that become members of CT 
Parent Power. -Hold periodic meetings convening larger numbers 
of parents to show power, refocus issues and strategy, and put face 
and voice to work with legislators. -Maintain contact by e-mail, 
conference calls and other personal contact necessary for effective 
2-way communication between the Delegates, their constituencies 
and the Staff Support Team. -Maintain, or assure the maintenance 
of, a data base with all the contact information of all Delegates and 
information on their respective parent groups, or organization/s. -
Providing timely, appropriate, user-friendly and accurate 
information to Parent Delegates for use in their communities.  This 
will involve some analysis and synthesis of information and 
potential strategies for action. -Capacity Building. The Program 
Coordinator will facilitate the development of a capacity building 
approach for Parent Delegates and their constituencies. This 
includes: -Developing training and technical assistance supports 
regarding organizing, research, and legislative analysis and 
advocacy for local communities or a region. -Planning for the 
growth of the CT Parent Power into additional communities. -
Proposal writing. -Event Coordination. Oversee and facilitate at 
least one statewide event annually. -Resource Connection. Assist 
the Governance Council and Staff Support Team in garnering 
resources, both cash and in-kind, and provide reporting on 
resource development. -Media Connection.  Prepare press 
releases, maintain press contacts and follow-up as necessary with 
media contacts.  As appropriate, support other communities in their 
media plan and activities. -Legislative Connection. -Develop and 
maintain good communication with legislators, particularly those in 
leadership roles. -Assist Delegates in their work with their 
legislators, as appropriate. -Meeting Convening. Convene meetings 
of Delegates, and the Staff Support Team as appropriate, 
maximizing the use of technology, and respecting that geography 
may prohibit frequent face-to-face meetings.  

Experience and Training  

Working knowledge of the following is desired: ·         Parental 
engagement, organizing, parent leadership development and 
support ·         Connecticut context ·         Status of children in 
Connecticut ·         Familiarity with major child and family serving 
institutions and systems (in particular the early care system, health, 
social services, justice and education) ·         Processes of 
identifying community assets and working within a strength-based 
frame ·        Effective use of technical assistance ·         Dynamics 
of working with diversity ·         Computers, data bases, Internet  

Skills and Abilities:  The Coordinator should have strong skills in 
the areas listed below: ·         Oral and written communication ·        
Problem solving ·         Facilitation ·         Interpersonal, relationship 
building ·         Program management ·         Strategic planning  

Education:  Minimum a Bachelor's degree plus 3 years experience 
in a similar position.  

Bi-cultural / bilingual preferred.  

Travel:  The Program Coordinator must be willing to travel 
throughout the State of Connecticut as visiting communities to 
support Parent Delegates, and help the Delegates build capacity 
within their community will be required.  

For More Information Contact:
Linda Kosko, Danbury Children First at 203-797-8088, or
lindak at,

Resumes can be sent to:  CT Parent Power, c/o Danbury Children 
First, 83
West Street, Danbury, CT 06810,

Fax:  203-792-7626.

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