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[ed:  thanks to Katherine for responding to Robin's query.  A bit 
from me at the bottom.]

From: Katherine Macnaughton-Osler <k_macosler at yahoo.ca>


An interesting organization which comes to my mind is the 
Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women 
(http://www.criaw-icref.ca/index-e.htm), which has a database of 
researchers (http://www.criaw-icref.ca/data.htm), including 
specialists in participatory and action research, as well as a number 
of publications (http://www.criaw-icref.ca/pubs.htm) in the same 

They are also in the process of putting their databases online, so 
might want to contact them to see how they are doing so.

The Canadian Women's Health Network (www.cwhn.ca) has a 
number of
online databases (http://www.cwhn.ca/eng/database.html) including 
of health researchers, organizations and resources, so you might 
to check out how they have set up their databases.

Good luck!

Katherine Macnaughton-Osler
Montrial (Quibec) Canada


> From: "Robin Najar" <r.najar at cbpr.org>
> I am looking for a way to get a database up and running on the web 
> that would be used by individuals looking to network with others 
> and find resources for the practice of Community-Based 
> Participatory Research.  We are looking for methods that other 
> non-profits have used to create databases.  If anyone has any 
> directions they can point me in, it would be very much appreciated. 
> *************************
> [ed:  it is a shame that PARnet is no more, as they had a very nice 
> database.  I have also been part of a project over the past 5 years 
> developing this practice in a number of locations, and we are at the 
> point now that we will soon be starting a list serv for people 
> interesting in trading resources on CBPR and its related practices.  
> You can also find some collections of resources, though not 
> necessarily searchable databases, on the COMM-ORG "Action 
> Research" page at http://comm-org.utoledo.edu/research.htm ]
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There have been a number of attempts to link researchers and 
community groups, but it's not clear that they are all that effective.  
The Loka Institute started to build such a database but I'm not sure 
it really went anywhere--someone please correct me if I'm wrong.  
The LINC project (http://www.lincproject.org/) may be more 
successful but that may be because it is more action oriented.]  
There have also been a number of local efforts like the CoRAL 
project in DC mentioned in a previous post, and the Community-
Based Learning Initiative in Princeton 
(http://www.princeton.edu/~cbli/), but we are also not sure how 
widely used those are even on the local level.  What we are finding 
is that personal networks are very effective in linking people 
together and it may be that the e-networks are better at supporting 
than creating relationships.]

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