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From: Harold Simon <hsimon at nhi.org>

Hi all,

Recently Shelterforce ran an article called: So You Want to be A 
Developer: www.nhi.org/online/issues/121/Brehm.html

But, over the years we've run lots of articles about capacity building 
and CDCs. The articles are indexed on our web site
at: http://www.nhi.org/online/issues.html

Capacity Building at: http://www.nhi.org/online/issues/capacity.html

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (214-922-5254) published an 
excellent guide called "Breaking Ground: A Beginner's
Guide for Nonprofit Developers."

It's simple, straight-forward and full of resources. I hope it's still in 

Good luck.



From: "John and Sandy O'Donnell" <sjod at interaccess.com>

Right in your home state!  The Chicago Rehab Network is the place 
for training and support of CDCs.  Its focus is affordable housing 
development. Go to www.chicagorehab.org.  

Sandy O'Donnell

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> From: "Mills, Sandra" <Mills.Sandra at uis.edu>
> Does anyone know a good resource for "how to" get started in 
> community development, specifically housing.  I am looking for a 
> generic step by step guide for a training event.  Thanks for any 
> help given.  
> Sandra J. Mills, LCSW, Ed.D. 
> Social Work Program
> Brookens 338 
> University of Illinois at Springfield 
> PO Box 19243 
> Springfield, IL. 62794-9243 
> 217-206-7602 
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