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[ed:  thanks to Amy and for responding to Natasha's query.]

From: Amy Hubbard <ahubbarddc at yahoo.com>

Don't know if it's specifically what you're looking for but you might 
check out Hope in the Cities in Richmond, VA 
(www.hopeinthecities.org).  HIC promotes interracial dialogue and 
one of their vehicles is a "walk through history" where people walk 
to sites where significant historical events took place that affected 
various racial and ethnic groups.  In Richmond, for example, HIC 
takes people to the old Manchester Docks on the James River 
where slaves arrived in Richmond to be sold.  HIC also has a six-
week dialogue program that emphasizes sharing one's personal 
story around racial identity.  HIC staff argue that honest 
conversation about such things is essential to healing the wounds 
of racism.
Amy Hubbard


> From:           	Natasha Freidus <tashafr at MIT.EDU>
> I'm putting together a syllabus for a graduate course on the role of 
> narrative in community development.
> Does anyone know of good references on how story and narrative 
> contribute to community building/organizing/development? I'm looking 
> for both theory and practical examples of programs that are bringing in 
> story as a means to build community. There will be a section of the 
> course examining the role of multimedia narratives as a means to 
> building community, so anything on innovative approaches using various 
> forms of media are especially welcome.
> Thank you very much,
> Tasha
> Natasha Freidus
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