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[ed:  thanks to Mark, Charles and Nancy for such interesting 
responses to Natasha's query.]

From: Mark Chupp <chupp at urban.csuohio.edu>

We have used appreciative inquiry to build community among 
African American residents and white residents of a predominantly 
Polish American neighborhood. Trusting relationships, a new 
shared identity, and action plans all resulted from a process of 
having residents sharing stories of their comfortable diverse 
relationships. Diverse residents share stories in 1 on 1 interviews 
and then share selected stories with the larger group assembled. 
The stories transform the views of people and create close bonds 
for revitalizing this disadvantaged neighborhood.  

We recently held such an event between 3 small white churches 
and a larger African American church in the neighborhood. After a 
meal, over 60 people paired off and shared their stories. In sharing 
back with the larger group, many very positive stories created the 
context for planning further individual and group encounters.  

Mark Chupp
Mark G. Chupp
Program Manager
Center for Neighborhood Development
Cleveland State University
2121 Euclid Avenue, UR 347
Cleveland, OH 44115-2105
Tel: 216-523-7568   FAX: 216-687-9277


From: Charles Heying <heyingc at pdx.edu>

Slim and Thompson (1995) Listening for a Change: Oral Testimony 
and Community Development  



From: "Nancy Nye" <nancynye at sover.net>

Check out the community video program of the Orton Family 

"The Community Video Project uses the power and fun of a video 
production to encourage residents to talk about the issues and 
opportunities facing their communities, and the choices that can be 
made regarding their future. Lights, Camera, Community Video: 
Engaging Citizens in Creating a Community Documentary and 
Vision. The Foundation and the American Planning Association 
have co-published a new manual LIGHTS, CAMERA, 
COMMUNITY VIDEO to guide communities on how to make their 
own documentary videos that focus on citizen involvement."  

Nancy Nye
Taftsville, Vermont

> From:           	Natasha Freidus <tashafr at MIT.EDU>
> I'm putting together a syllabus for a graduate course on the role of 
> narrative in community development.
> Does anyone know of good references on how story and narrative 
> contribute to community building/organizing/development? I'm looking 
> for both theory and practical examples of programs that are bringing in 
> story as a means to build community. There will be a section of the 
> course examining the role of multimedia narratives as a means to 
> building community, so anything on innovative approaches using various 
> forms of media are especially welcome.
> Thank you very much,
> Tasha
> Natasha Freidus
> Community Media Coordinator
> Center for Reflective Community Practice
> Department of Urban Studies and Planning
> Massachussetts Institute of Technology
> (617)253-2761 office
> (617)293-2447 cell
> http://web.mit.edu/crcp
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