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The latest issue of Shelterforce is now online.

City Journal's Nutty Attack

When a community group successfully organizes the poor and 
working class around issues like a living wage and immigrant 
rights, it's bound to catch the attention of the Right. That's exactly 
what ACORN has done, inspiring a hand-wringing tirade by Sol 
Stern in City Journal, the mouthpiece of the conservative 
Manhattan Institute. In the current issue of Shelterforce, John Atlas 
and Peter Dreier review why ACORN succeeds where other 
community organizations have failed - and why it has 
conservatives up in arms.  

The Business of CDCs

While CDCs are focused on trying to revitalize neighborhoods, 
what makes them tick behind the scenes? There are many 
questions that lurk in the background of the field as it matures:  

    * What can CDCs learn from stories of their colleagues' failure -
      from drastic shrinkage to collapse?
    * Is it better to merge with another local CDC than continue
      competing for funding? If so, how do you do it in a way that is
      fair, effective, and preserves the best of both organizations? 
    * Why is collaboration so hard and what are the factors of 

A series of articles in this issue of Shelterforce takes on these 
questions in a searching look at the business of CDCs.

Important reading in Shelterforce, the national journal of affordable 
housing and community building.

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