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[ed:  you might find item 3 of particular interest.]

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Dear Education Justice Network members:

We hope everyone's summer is going well and planning for the next school 
year's organizing is moving along.  Three items of possible interest:

1)      For New York area members, by tomorrow (Wednesday, July 2), we will 
have posted a job description for a part time graduate research assistant, 
15-20 hrs/week, $15/hr.  See our website at

2)      Our study on the relationship of race, class, resources, and 
discipline in the New York City Public Schools.  People interested in 
commenting on the pre-release draft, please contact beam at

3)      Our friends at the Welfare Law Center's LINC project (a listserv 
and network of welfare rights organizers) pass along the following request 
for proposals.

Announcing the 8th Organizing Technology Grants Round from Progressive 
Technology Project
Saint Paul, MN
June 30, 2003 --:

Progressive Technology Project > (PTP) is accepting applications for its 
Organizing Technology Grants program. > The application deadline is August 
29, 2003. Application and eligibility information can be found on PTPs web 
site: >

The PTP Organizing Technology Grants Program awards 10-15 grants of up to 
$10,000 each to support the use of technology by grassroots organizing 
groups to advance specific aspects of their community-organizing efforts. 
Funds can be used for training, technical support, consulting, needs 
assessment, planning, hardware and software, designing applications and 
setting up systems.

PTPs Organizing Technology Grants Program supports grassroots organizing 
groups that engage in multi-issue social, economic and environmental 
justice efforts to empower low-income people and communities of color to 
address root causes of social inequities.

The purpose of the Organizing Technology Grants Program is to help groups 
strengthen their organizing efforts through appropriate use of technology. 
This program provides basic capacity building grants that groups can use to 
purchase equipment, secure technical assistance and provide training to 
staff and members. The grants will help develop uses of technology for 
organizing that can be shared as models and examples. More than just 
providing funds to purchase equipment, a grant award should be used to 
assist a group in applying technology to its work in a way that makes the 
organization stronger and more effective at achieving its social change ends.

Founded in 1998, the Progressive Technology Project (PTP) seeks to 
strengthen community based social change efforts and increase public 
participation by under-represented communities through effective use of 
information technology. It supports grassroots social change community 
organizations in poor communities and communities of color by convening 
events to exchange ideas and experiences about new technology, conducting 
training sessions for organizers, providing a framework for technical 
assistance, providing downloadable how-to resources on this web site, 
raising and re-granting funds for hardware, software and technical assistance.

Progressive Technology Project > >
2233 University Ave W Ste 421
Saint Paul, MN 55114
Phone:1-866-298-6463 (toll free)
651-646-9410 (local)

Hope this RFP is useful to some folks.



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