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Tue Jul 1 19:20:09 CDT 2003

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From:           	Julie Davids <jdavids at CritPath.Org>

AIDS Treatment Activist Coalition (ATAC) Seeking Coordinator  

ATAC is a national coalition and membership organization of AIDS 
activists, many living with HIV/AIDS, working together to end the 
AIDS epidemic by advancing research on HIV/AIDS and 
broadening access to treatment. We seek an experienced 
Coordinator to further our goals of:  

-- Encouraging greater and more effective involvement of people 
with HIV/AIDS in the decisions that affect their lives by identifying, 
mentoring and empowering treatment activists in all communities 
affected by the epidemic;  

--  Developing leadership within all communities affected by 
HIV/AIDS (and related co-infections such as Hepatitis C) to provide 
knowledge and skills needed to advocate for improved research, 
treatment and access to care;  

--  Providing meaningful input into issues concerning HIV, 
complications and co-infections;  

--  Assisting HIV/AIDS treatment activists and the larger HIV 
community in our efforts to keep up to date with the latest 
developments in research, treatment and access; and  

--  Facilitating communications between HIV/AIDS treatment 
activists and government, industry and academia in matters 
affecting research, treatment and access.  

The work of ATAC happens primarily through a Steering 
Committee, administrative subcommittees, and issue-based 
working groups. Current working groups include Save ADAP, Drug 
Development, and Access to Health Care for the Incarcerated.  

The ATAC Coordinator is responsible for the administrative 
management of ATAC; coordinating initiatives, events and projects 
with ATAC members, committees and working groups; and 
facilitating outreach, collaboration and communication among 
ATAC members, allies and supporters.  Specific responsibilities 

--    Facilitating organizing efforts of ATAC by coordinating and 
documenting all communication and collaborative work among 
working groups through email list management, website 
maintenance, conference calls, face-to-face meetings, archives 
and other media as requested and needed;  

--    Assisting with ATAC fundraising, including grant-writing, and 
coordinating all ATAC relationships with current and potential 

--     Working to increase ATAC membership through coordination 
of membership records, distribution of membership materials, and 
by researching and making contact with entities and events that 
involve potential ATAC members  

--     Managing and administering financial matters, including 
drafting and managing budgets, maintaining fiscal controls, 
reporting to Steering Committee and accountant, etc.;  

--     Assisting working groups, volunteers, contractors and 
consultants with the coordination of all projects and/or working 
committees and providing support to these groups as needed;  

--     Researching and tracking key events and activities (such as 
conferences, meetings, protests, campaigns etc.), communicating 
these to ATAC members, and maintaining relations with key 
organizations and individuals associated with these 

--    Representing ATAC at various coalitions, events and activities 
as needed;  

--     Facilitating coordination, as relevant and appropriate, between 
ATAC members and current or potential allies, supporters etc.;  

--     Responding to requests and queries for information about 
ATAC, ATAC-related activities and/or coalitions in which ATAC 
participates, including press inquiries  

Qualifications needed:  

--     at least 2 years experience with grassroots organizing or non-
profit project management (preferably related to HIV/AIDS)  

--     experienced and self-motivated with a capacity to work very 

--     experience with volunteer management  

--     knowledge of, and interest in, HIV/AIDS community 
mobilization, treatment issues, drug development, and/or health 
care financing  

--     excellent interpersonal, organizational and time management 

--     good research, writing and oral communications skills  

--     database management skills and familiarity with bookkeeping  

--     event planning experience  

--     knowledge of common computer applications such as 
Microsoft Office; experience with accounting software 
(QuickBooks, PeachTree, etc.) a plus.  

--     attention to detail and the ability to maintain a variety of 
projects and activities simultaneously  

--     Extra points for: facilitation skills, fundraising experience, 
history with decentralized organizations.  


Salary range: $35,000 - 48,000, depending on location (see below) 
and experience, plus benefits package.  


The Coordinator will work out of a host organization associated with 
ATAC. The preferred location is New York City; however, 
experienced applicants from other major metropolitan areas are 
welcomed to apply.  

To Apply:  

Send cover letter, resume, and salary history by email ONLY to 
jdavids at by July 10.  

ATAC is an affirmative action employer and strongly recruits 
people of color, women, lesbian/gay/bi/transgendered/queer 
individuals, and people living with HIV.  

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