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Please find below a summary of articles published in the Winter 
2002 edition of "Making Waves: Canada's Community Economic 
Development Magazine." For more information, including sample 
articles from this and past editions, visit and 
select "Making Waves" on the menu bar.  

Apologies for cross-postings.  


Yogurt on a Mission 

Stonyfield Farm, New Hampshire has blended economic with social 
and environmental goals, shaping and responding to consumers' 
demand for organic foods. The business, like the market, has 
grown exponentially and without injury to mission or profit. Will 
new, corporate owners match that record?  

Raising the Bar 

Opportunities 2000 (OP2000) has been great at rallying citizens of 
Waterloo Region, Ontario to the cause of poverty reduction. Less 
so at providing them with strategic direction. Two staffers explain 
the redesign of management practices that is supposed to make 
OP2000 a much more effective CED intermediary.  

2002 National CED Conference 

Over 400 delegates, 60 workshops and plenary sessions on issues 
of CED practice and policy, keen provincial and federal 
participation - participants are describing this Winnipeg event as a 
watershed in Canada's CED movement.  

Asking the Right Questions 

The Canadian CED Network is undertaking three research projects: 
a comprehensive census of CED organizations and initiatives in 
Canada, and national inventories of resources and government 
funding programs.  

Book Review: 

Worker Participation On the basis of 30 years of industrial activity 
in the Pacific Northwest, John Pencavel has written a thorough 
assessment of the role and future of worker co-ops in the forest 

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