Problems with EITC

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[ed:  in case you are not familiar with the issue, Doug is referring to 
the Earned Income Tax Credit program.]

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Here are a set of articles I was on problems with usuary and the EITC. Seems like I recall some groups doing a local campaign on this.


"Fees sap value of tax credits. Poor pay millions for quick refund loans, 
study says." By Ameet Sachdev. Chicago Tribune, January 14, 2003.,0,7899771.story?coll=chi-business-hed

Rhode Island
"Report: Tax break diverted. Too many taxpayers who take advantage of the 
earned income tax credit wind up handing over a big chunk of it to their 
tax preparers, according to a report issued through the Annie E. Casey 
Foundation." By Neil Downing. Providence Journal, January 14, 2003.

"25% of city residents get earned-income tax credit. But many spend it on 
fees for loans, preparing return." By Kate Shatzkin. Baltimore Sun, January 
14, 2003.,0,5944186.story?coll=bal-local-headlines

"Families in need urged to not waste tax credit." By Rosemary Barnes. San 
Antonio Express-News, January 14, 2003.

"Quick returns dilute tax credit. Many pay huge fees for immediate cash." 
By Bruce Alpert. New Orleans Times-Picayune, January 14, 2003.

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