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The latest issue of Shelterforce is now online:

Fighting Environmental Racism in Camden

How foul is the air in Camden, NJ? It’s so bad that children 
consider it punishment if they’re told to play outside during school 
recess. The tally of polluters is enough to make anyone gasp: 
there’s an open-air sewage-sludge composting facility, a trash-to-
steam incinerator, a cogeneration power plant and a cement-
grinding facility that sends more than 77,000 diesel truck trips 
rumbling through Camden neighborhoods. Cities like Camden – it’s 
predominantly African-American and Latino, and among the 
poorest cities in the country – have long been a dumping ground 
for pollution-generating  industries.  

Residents of South Camden organized to take on the NJ 
Department of Environmental Protection on the basis of that 
agency’s failure to comply with civil rights regulations that forbid 
organizations receiving federal funding from discriminating. But 
their initial victory was overturned in an appeals court decision that 
undermines 30 years of environmental litigation and civil rights 
progress. In the current issue of Shelterforce, Olga Pomar, the lead 
counsel for South Camden Citizens in Action, describes their 
organizing victories and ongoing legal battles.  

Also in this issue: Plenty for Guns, Nothing for Housing As the 
Bush administration gears up for war and its next tax cut for the 
rich, housing for low and middle income Americans, especially in 
the cities, just doesn’t seem to be on their radar. Read what 
Thomas Menino, mayor of Boston and president of the U.S. 
Conference of Mayors, has to say about the housing policy we 

And don't miss the art from San Francisco's Ricardo Cartagena, 
from his series "The Eviction Chronicles."

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