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From:	Gene Allen <gallen at UNHS.ORG>

You wrote . . .

>>I'm interested in any information, tactics, contacts, etc. on how to 
most effectively and efficiently organize a smallish, urban 
neighborhood to remove drug-related activity.  

As the sponsoring agency for the Association of Block Coalitions 
(ABC) and the Weed & Seed Program in Utica, NY we have 
developed a variety of strategies to fight drug-related activity.  

We have 130 registered Block Associations/Neighborhood Watch 
Groups in the City and over 190 groups total, throughout the 

Each neighborhood is somewhat different but  . . . One of the most 
effective tools we have for reporting drug activity has been the use 
of Hot Spot forms.  These forms can be sent to the police 
anonymously, if the person is afraid of retaliation.  

The forms are distributed at every neighborhood meeting, and are 
available on our web site, www.thehomeownershipcenter.org under 
Community Empowerment.  

Individuals have the choice of filling out the forms electronically or 
downloading them as a PDF file.  

The electronic forms go directly to the police and to my office.  I 
print out a hard copy and fax the information to the Chief of Police, 
Community Policing, the Drug Task Force, the District Attorney's 
Office, and the local office of the NYS Attorney General.  

In addition to making them available to the neighbors, we have 
also made arrangements with the local ambulance company, cable 
company, power company, and the fire department to keep forms 
in all their trucks so their employees can report suspected 
incidences as well.  

The police have come to rely on this information to target high 
crime areas more effectively, and the District Attorney's in their 

The neighbors have effectively become the eyes and ears of the 
police department.  We can honestly say that every major drug 
bust in our area is the result of information received from the 
community in one form or another.  

If you have any questions on this or any of our other activities, 
please feel free to contact me.  

Gene A. Allen
Communications Manager
The HomeOwenrship Center
1611 Genesee St.
Utica, NY  13501

email gallen at unhs.org

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> From: Sharon Martin <hearth at main.nc.us>
> Greetings.
> I'm interested in any information, tactics, contacts, etc. on how to 
> most effectively and efficiently organize a smallish, urban 
> neighborhood to remove drug-related activity.   
> We're in Asheville, NC and don't get much response from the local 
> police other than "We're doing all we can."  It's a low income, 
> predominately African-American neighborhood that has seen this 
> problem for nearly 12 years.  It has recently begun to escalate into 
> violence and last week someone was shot.  
> Thank you for all of your help!
> In truth.
> Sharon Martin, hearth at main.nc.us
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