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A special issue on "Social Capital and Community" is being 
released in Vol. 22, No. 11/12 (2002) of the International 
Journal of Sociology and Social Policy. The contents of the 
volume are listed below:

“Social Capital and Community: Editor’s Introduction"
Robert Mark Silverman 
Wayne State University

"A Different Face of Faith-Based Politics: Social Capital and 
Community Organizing in the Public Arena."
Richard L. Wood, University of New Mexico
Mark R. Warren, Harvard University

"A New Twist in Nonprofit, For-Profit, and Public Sector 
Relationships: The Community Benefits District."
Cheryl Hyde, University of Maryland 
Megan Meyers, University of Maryland 
Dick Cook, University of Maryland

"Social Capital and Economic Cooperation Among Israeli 
Steven J. Gold, Michigan State University

"Bridging and Bonding Capital: Pluralist Ethnic Relations in 
Silicon Valley."
Marilyn Fernandez, Santa Clara University
Laura Nichols, Santa Clara University

Robert Mark Silverman   
Assistant Professor     
Department of Sociology 
Wayne State University  
(313) 577-3285          
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