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Thu Nov 21 20:15:03 CST 2002

[ed:  a big COMM-ORG welcome to Jake.  Hope Street is also now 
linked from the COMM-ORG "Organizing Groups and Networks" 
page at "Jake Lowen" 
<jake at>

Hello. I just stumbled across this listserve and wanted to take a 
second to introduce myself.  

My Name is Jake Lowen, I am a community organizer who works 
with Inner-City youth in Wichita, KS.  

I look forward to the discussion on this list. (I hope its active) - I 
would like to say more, but I'm prepping for a "Hit" on a city official 
right now.  

Jake Lowen
Youth Organizer
Jake at

Hope Street Youth Development
1157 N Piatt
Wichita, KS. 67214-3174
(316) 263-7325 voice
(316) 263-4834 fax

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