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From: "Brian Banks" <bbanks3 at wpo.it.luc.edu>

Dear Hannah Sin,

Through the State of Illinois Governor's Office we are part of a 
project "Illinois Workforce Advantage focuses on innovative place-
based community development, in 9 poor distressed Illinois 
communities.  Rather than the problem-focused, RFP driven 
strategy used by most state agencies that often forced community-
based organizations to make a project fit guidelines for funding for 
which they have had no input and which may or may not address 
the causes of distress in their neighborhoods--- IWA takes the 
approach of listening to the community's assessment of priorities 
and then developing projects with state agencies like Children and 
Family Services and Commerce and Community Affairs working in 
partnership with the community to iron out work plans and budgets. 
Attached is a more detailed description of IWA and the Chicago 
portion of this project which I work with.  

Brian L. Banks
Policy Research Action Group
312 915-7526 312 915-7770 fax
BBanks3 at LUC.edu (e-mail)

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> From: "David M. Chavis" <dchavis at capablecommunity.com>
> Hi again!
> We are working with a national foundation that is looking to  fund
> and/or replicate local urban and rural partnership efforts to enhance
> supportive relations among institutions and people in order to
> improve the well being of low-income families and individuals.
> Supportive relations can be improved relations among people
> (people helping each other to improve the lives of low income
> families); improved relations among people and institutions, or
> improved relations among  institutions and organizations.  We are
> looking for "best practices" (those that have demonstrated success)
> or "promising practices" (e.g. those that build upon best practices
> and the latest thinking, but haven't had time to demonstrate their
> success) 
> Program criteria 
> 1. Local (e.g. city or county wide, neighborhood) partnership among
> multiple sectors; 
> 2. Addresses needs of low income families and individuals; 
> 3. Uses community assets (e.g. local residents, associations,
> public, private, and informal institutions, ethnic and cultural
> relations/organizations, physical and economic resources); 
> 4. Engages community resident leaders in decision-making in
> generating solutions, planning ,& monitoring solutions; 
> 5. Addresses: 
> .    Mental health; 
> .    Safety (e.g., crime, injury; 
> .    Substance Abuse; 
> .    Early Childhood Development (Family stability/strong families,
> infant death, young childhood/early intervention; 
> .    Educational attainment; 
> .    Economic Security (e.g., adequate employment); or 
> .    Access to health care 
> 6. Has demonstrated success or shows potential because it builds
> on prior successful work. 
> Our task will be to develop a directory of promising programs for
> funders to review. We will collect the basic information from
> nominees from their written materials or other easily accessible
> sources. If we are missing anything we will follow up. We will let
> you review our write ups before submission. All we are asking for is
> for program whatever information you have related to these six
> points and/or a contact person. We will do the rest. 
> Please send information on these efforts (e.g. contact persons,
> web-sites, written information) as soon as possible and questions
> to: 
> Hannah Sin- hsin at capablecommunity.com
> Association for the Study and Development
> 312 South Frederick Ave.
> Gaithersburg, MD 20877
> 301.519.0722 ext 104 (voice)
> 301.519.0724 (fax)

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