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Stop the Violence, a non-profit organization dedicated to building 
peaceful and safe communities, is seeking qualified applicants for 
the position of Project Director.  The Project Director is responsible 
for articulating the vision and values of the STV Collaboration to all 
its stakeholders including community residents, Board members, 
volunteers, collaboration partners, funders, and staff.  

Requirements include:  familiarity with community development 
work in racially diverse areas; fundraising expertise, with special 
emphasis on grassroots resource building and donor cultivation; 
demonstrated proficiency in grant writing and grants administration; 
management/supervisory experience.  College degree or 5 years 
equivalent experience in community development, fundraising 
and/or management required.  

Stop the Violence Collaboration has been working to fulfill its 
mission of building community and preventing violence for more 
than six years.  To date, the work of the collaboration has been 
primarily in the Una, Northside/Cleveland Park, and Clifton 
communities of Spartanburg County.  

STV uses community-building tools such as education and 
community organizing to assist residents in finding creative 
solutions to their particular neighborhood problems.  This work has 
increased neighborhood solidarity and attachment, and has 
reduced violent crimes in both Una and Northside/ Cleveland Park, 
according to statistics from Clemson University's annual evaluation 
of STV. This greater sense of community pride, heightened 
community involvement and participation in community events - a 
measure that STV calls community solidarity - is core to the work 
STV is doing. Not only has the collaboration proved that these 
techniques work, it has incorporated them into its philosophy of 
successful change.  STV realizes that for change to be successful, 
the answers to the problems must come from within - i.e., the 
solutions to neighborhood problems must come from the 

Competitive salary/benefits.  Stop the Violence is an equal 
opportunity employer.  

Deadline for application is November 25.

Submit your resume to:

Stop the Violence
P.O. Box 2587
Spartanburg, SC 29304
Fax: (864) 577-0695
Email: stvresumes at


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