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[ed:  here is a potential organizing issue with some interesting 
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Here's an item from FRAC's latest Weekly News Digest that may interest some on here. I'd appreciate hearing about any media coverage (including on your own websites) about grocery store campaigns.


     (New York Times, November 12, 2002)

New research shows that the more supermarkets a neighborhood 
has, the more fruits and vegetables its residents eat. Presence of 
supermarkets in neighborhoods was found to be related to 
affluence and race. The University of North Carolina study found 
that produce consumption rose by 32 percent for each additional 
supermarket in African-American neighborhoods. The presence of 
at least one supermarket in a black neighborhood was associated 
with a 25 percent increase in residents limiting fat in their diets. 
Researchers noted that whites in their study had three times the 
access to cars, so nearby supermarkets made a greater difference 
to African-Americans. Also, white neighborhoods had five times as 
many supermarkets, on average, as African-American 
neighborhoods.  (free registration required)

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