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From: Ann and Timothy Curry-Stevens <echobay at sympatico.ca>

I suggest that you will have most success with a project that is 
contextualized in an issue about which youth are passionate. Two 
such examples include the work on clothing and sweatshops (see 
the Maquilladora Solidarity Network in Toronto for materials). My 
second suggestion is to find the material from the anti-smoking 
folks who are re-framing this from a health issue to a "corporations 
are lying to you" issue, and subsequently having a much greater 
impact. Both are founded on critical thinking about consumption 
and the role of corporations in marketing to youth. Good luck with 
your project. Ann Curry-Stevens  


From: "Amy Swiatek" <amys at ncl.org>


I am with the National Civic League, headquartered in Denver, and 
we have a very exciting project underway called "Student Voices."  
NCL is the local Denver adminstrator of the national Student 
Voices Program of the Annenburg Foundation.  The primary goal of 
the Student Voices Project is to encourage the active civic and 
political engagement of students. It is intended to increase 
students' knowledge and understanding of political processes and 
institutions, as well as their ability to find information and make use 
of it to participate in the public sphere. 

In Denver, the students (in the highschools) will be following the 
mayoral election.

Here are a couple of websites to check out on the project:
project in Denver, Colorado

or the national website

Amy L. Swiatek
Community Services, Senior Program Associate
National Civic League
1445 Market Street, Suite 300
Denver, CO 80202
Ph: (303) 571-4343
Direct Line: (720) 931-0826
Fx: (303) 571-4404
e-mail: amys at ncl.org

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> From: Matthew Randazzo <randazzo at mail.utexas.edu>
> Greetings,
> I found the listserv very helpful with my last query and hoped that 
> you could be of assistance again.   
> I'm a graduate student at UT Austin and I'm in a class that's trying 
> to develop a program to teach critical thinking skills to adolescents 
> and young adults.  The idea is that building the critical thinking 
> capacity of these individuals will lead to positive educational and 
> social outcomes.  Essentially, we view critical thinking as a tool for 
> building civic engagement and capacity.   
> Do you know of any NPO's that have piloted similar programs?  Do 
> you have any general guidance or feedback that you're willing to 
> share?   
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> -Matthew
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