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From: Matthew Randazzo <randazzo at mail.utexas.edu>


I found the listserv very helpful with my last query and hoped that 
you could be of assistance again.   

I'm a graduate student at UT Austin and I'm in a class that's trying 
to develop a program to teach critical thinking skills to adolescents 
and young adults.  The idea is that building the critical thinking 
capacity of these individuals will lead to positive educational and 
social outcomes.  Essentially, we view critical thinking as a tool for 
building civic engagement and capacity.   

Do you know of any NPO's that have piloted similar programs?  Do 
you have any general guidance or feedback that you're willing to 

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Matthew Randazzo, Research Assistant

Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources

Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs

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Austin, TX 78703-4204

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