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From:    Kay Hannan <kayhan at northnet.com.au

Another request please. I have been contacted by
someone from the Indian community, and she is based in
New Mexico. She gave me some information on strategies
which have been introduced to help heal families so
that parents might take more responsibility for their

What I am wondering is if anyone can put me in touch
with other First World communities where efforts are
being made to introduce strategies (perhaps through
holistic healing) and efforts to re-attach children. I
am looking at Alaska and Canada in particular.

Many thanks


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> From:    Kay Hannan <kayhan at northnet.com.au
> Hi, I am an Australian adult educator and I plan programs to be 
> offered to an indigenous community which is experiencing 
> problems with alcohol and drugs mental health, domestic violence, 
> and problems with a breakdown of respect for Elders. I work closely 
> with the local Health Services and local medical personnel. 
> In  our role as educators, we can implement educational programs 
> which attract extra financial assistance for participants from the 
> federal government. Programs I have offered this year have 
> addressed problems with diet which has been negatively impacting 
> on the community especially in the areas of diabetes and 
> hypertension. Also, we have been able to encourage some of the 
> young girls to pursue careers in nursing. Always ready for a new 
> task, I asked  what else we could do to combat problems affecting 
> the community. The  list included drug and alcohol abuse, 
> tolerance of violence in relationships, gambling, sexual abuse, 
> incest, and allowing children to find "their" place in the family and 
> the
> community. All the problems are related really, and I think the issue 
> is
> bigger than Ben Hur. This does not mean that I am not equal to the 
> task of
> trying to address the issue however. While I am now an adult 
> educator, my
> background was that of an elementary teacher, so I am cognisant 
> of the
> problems for young children. I am looking at the areas of children 
> just
> entering toddler stage through to pre-teens. It could be said that the
> immedite family has always looked after babies until they were 
> toddlers,
> and then allowed the general community to assist in their 
> upbringing.
> However. other indigenous parents say this is a copout, and people 
> are
> just not taking up thier responsibilities. Last night, I  found that a
> very experienced Social Worker is available to help with some of 
> the
> issues raised, and this heartens me. We are a small community 
> with very
> few qualified allied health personnel available especially to give up 
> time
> regularly to come into classes. 
> I have only just found your pages, and am working against time to 
> get submissions prepared prior to December guidelines. I will be 
> exploring your papers today, but hope you can lead me somewhere 
> specific to investigate. I am planning to visit US, Canada and 
> Alaska next year to try to learn from any successful programs 
> which may be operating. Any assistance you might offer would be 
> most appreciated. Kay Hannan  
> ******************************
> [ed:  Ernest Stringer, also Australian, has a very nice book on 
> Action Research, which is informed by years of experience working 
> with indigenous communities and may offer a process for program 
> building.]
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