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Please find below a summary of the articles published in the 
Autumn 2002 edition of "Making Waves: Canada's Community 
Economic Development Magazine." For more information, 
including sample articles from this and past editions, visit and select "Making Waves" on the menu bar.  

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SOCIAL JUSTICE - ERNESTO CORTES JR. Ingenuity, grassroots 
democracy, hard-nosed bargaining, and a focus on values are 
hallmarks of the community organizing of Ernesto Cortes Jr. 
"Issues fade," he says. "People lose interest in them. But what they 
really care about remains: family, dignity, justice, and hope." The 
success of this strategy in the American Southwest holds lessons 
for CED practitioners across North America.  

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Joe Valvasori of the Learning 
Enrichment Foundation insists that the federal government not only 
can play an effective role in human capital development -- it must. 
The solutions are local; the problem remains national.  

THE FUN SECTOR Only an economic non-strategy assigns vast 
authority and resources to the private sector, but ignores the 
colossal creative energy of co-ops, nonprofit agencies, social 
enterprises, charities, churches, and educational institutions. 
Where's the fun in that? asks Silver Donald Cameron.  

PROJECT ECHOES To introduce local youth to the practice and 
potential of CED, the SEED Society in rural Christina Lake trained 
six of their number to organize and co-ordinate a regional 
gathering. The result was something much more "off the wall" yet 
"on the ball" than anything a seasoned practitioner could have 

A RADICAL NOTION When the traditional manufacturing base of 
Waterloo Region, Ontario came apart after 1980, local nonprofits, 
charities, and businesses outdid themselves to meet 
unprecedented levels of social distress. Then residents began to up 
the ante: how could they actually reduce poverty, as well as 
alleviate its effects? Opportunities 2000, they called their strategy. 
Here's how they got it going.  

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