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New from Shelterforce...

The Young and the Homeless 				 If you’re a teenager in 
foster care, coming of age means growing up – fast. When you turn 
18 (or 21 in some states), you have officially “aged-out” of the 
foster care system. It’s suddenly your responsibility to find a job 
and a place to live, and to make sure all your bills are paid on time.  

But without the financial and emotional resources that usually 
accompany a stable family life, many former foster youth find 
themselves on the street. In fact, a large percentage of homeless 
adults have passed through the foster care system.  

What’s being done to make sure the current generation of 
teenagers on the verge of emancipation from foster care don’t end 
up homeless, too?  

In the current issue of Shelterforce 
(, Kendra Hurley 
introduces you to some of the child advocates, organizations and 
programs that are providing answers to that question. Young 
people also weigh in about “feeling safe in the real world,” and 
you’ll discover how Rosanne Haggerty, recipient of a 2001 “genius 
grant” from the MacArthur Foundation, found inspiration in Belfast, 
Ireland for a housing program that provides services designed 
especially to help foster care youth make the transition to 

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